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Josh Hendrickson

Windows 11’s redesigned Start menu is something you love or hate. Although it is simpler than ever, it is very controversial with users and has been since the arrival of the first insider preview versions.

In fact, the new Start Menu is so strange that users immediately found a way to bring back the old Windows 10 Start Menu, which Microsoft quickly killed off, and nowadays Win 11 Start Menu replacements are everywhere. .

And while we can all agree that more options and customization would be great, it doesn’t look like that’s happening anytime soon. Microsoft recently released an “Inside Story” video explaining how it built the Start menu, what drove its decisions, and it probably won’t make Windows fans so happy.

Members of the Windows 11 Start Menu design team talk about the difficulties in making sense of all the research that went into the redesign. One team member even mentions that it was a “design issue”, but if you ask me, don’t “fix” what isn’t broken. The Windows 10 Start menu worked great, so why change it?

“The design process is informed by research, and it’s hard to make sense of it.”

Similar to the Windows 11 taskbar situation, changes to the Start menu were data-driven decisions based on user and community feedback. For example, Microsoft found that people didn’t care to see the weather but wanted access to a list of all apps and a search bar.

Ultimately, the Microsoft team collected data from users, researched several different options, and found that users still wanted a search bar, files, and apps together and easily accessible. So that’s what Microsoft did. As a result, we have the simplest Start menu yet.

Don’t get me wrong, Microsoft listens to users at least a little. The company recently confirmed folders and other features are coming to the Start menu, but the vast majority of Reddit users are still unhappy – and they’re not alone.

Some users love Windows 11’s simplified Start menu, while others think it’s a step backwards in functionality and design. As for Microsoft, it’s confident the team has built something people will really love.

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