Microsoft is testing a new user interface for the Windows 11 taskbar


Microsoft is experimenting with new UI changes for the Windows 11 taskbar, according to its latest Insider Build.

The tech giant will test an iteration of Windows 10’s taskbar, as well as notification badges for Windows 11’s widgets section.

Since the launch of Windows 11 last year, the taskbar has come under criticism, including its lack of functionality, with many users complaining that it cannot be moved to other edges of the screen and its search function is limited.

This could be seen as a very minor U-turn by Microsoft, which has previously said it’s not something it considers a priority. However, testing the more familiar Windows 10 taskbar on Windows 11 was not specifically classified as Microsoft solving the mobility problem, although it did signal an intention to examine what was working well in the system. operating (OS) previous.

Instead, it seems to be more focused on the aesthetics of search icons. Build 25158 will deliver an experimental user interface (UI) for the search button layout on the taskbar, with three new designs. The first will be the traditional search icon, the second will be a short search bar, and the third will be a slightly longer search bar.

Other changes are also on the way, including notifications for the widget panel that will appear in the taskbar when news alerts go live. A new Camera app for Windows 11 with QR and barcode scanning capabilities and a new media player are also available for testing.

It should be noted that these are just experiments and are unlikely to result in a full rollout if they are poorly received by Microsoft’s developer community. An example of features that didn’t quite land with testers is the desktop search bar widget, which has been removed. Microsoft said it concluded this experiment.

Developers will need to reboot their machines after updating to the new version, though Microsoft notes that not all Windows Insiders will have the new experiences enabled even after rebooting.

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