Microsoft will soon allow third-party widgets on Windows 11


Windows 11 currently only supports widgets developed by Microsoft, but that’s about to change.

Do you find Windows 11’s widget offerings a bit lackluster? If so, you’ll want to keep an eye on the operating system in the future, as Microsoft has just confirmed that it plans to allow third-party developers to create and distribute their own widgets for the operating system. operation.

As Softpedia spotted, Microsoft really wants to expand Windows 11’s lineup of widgets. Currently, there are a handful that came around when Windows 11 debuted; however, there was a distinct lack of support for third-party developers who wanted to create handy gadgets for the operating system.

Now, Microsoft really wants to give those developers the helping hand they need. In a post on the Windows Developer Blog, Microsoft explained the basics:

Widgets in Windows 11 provide users with a fresh, visible, and useful view of app content. We are energized by customer feedback on the widgets to date; people enjoy quick access to the content most important to them seamlessly without interrupting their flow. start later [in 2022] you can start building widgets as add-on experiences for your Win32 and PWA apps on Windows 11, powered by the Adaptive Cards platform.

A big advantage for Windows 11

When someone wants to customize their copy of Windows, it’s essential that Microsoft allows third-party developers to add their own offerings to the operating system. If you don’t, users will often resort to tools and hacks to get by anyway, so it’s a good idea to support third-party developers to avoid people needing to tinker with the system to make something work.

As such, it’s good news for people who want to get the most out of Windows 11. They won’t have to rely on Windows widgets or workarounds to get by anymore; soon, they will be able to use Windows 11’s third-party widget base to tweak the operating system as they wish.


Microsoft allowing third-party widgets on Windows 11 is a boon for people who want to optimize their operating system to suit their needs. Now we’ll just have to wait and see when this new feature releases in full.

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