Microsoft’s archaic Windows system icons get a fresh coat of paint


Microsoft is finally going to update the system icons of Windows 10 as part of a visual overhaul of the operating system. The company never confirmed the project, codenamed Sun Valley, but a job posting from the beginning of the year indicated a “deep visual rejuvenation of Windows.”

Iconography – A number of updated icons have already been spotted in pre-release versions of Windows 10, but Most recent windows has now found those for hibernation, networking, memory, floppy drives, and more.

It’s high time Microsoft updated the system icons that have been present in Windows since the 90s. But it looks like the company is just putting on a new lick of paint, not fundamentally changing them for the modern age.

Icons are visual shortcuts for different actions. No one has used a floppy drive in years, yet it is still the act of saving a file. But the icon has somehow transcended the physical element it represented, so it’s probably not going anywhere. Everyone knows that the floppy disk drive means “to record”. However, Microsoft would probably like developers to stop using it when another icon would be more appropriate.

Visual consistency – The updated icons should still help hide the legacy parts of Windows. It’s always been a little shocking how modern Windows 10 looks, and sometimes you get returned a dated-looking dialog because Microsoft didn’t bother to update the design. It didn’t really have a reason to do so given that Windows remains the de facto operating system in the corporate world, and that shouldn’t change anytime soon.


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