Nest Wifi and Google Wifi disconnect randomly for some


Google’s Nest Wifi and Google Wifi routers make mesh setups easy and, for the most part, quite reliable while still being relatively inexpensive. However, over the past few months, some Nest Wifi and Google Wifi owners have been reporting that their networks have been randomly disconnecting for months, and it appears Google doesn’t have a workable fix.

First reported in September, a Nest Wifi owner took to Google’s forums to express his frustration with his network going offline randomly. Over the following months, the post received over 200 replies from other Google/Nest Wifi owners seeing similar behavior.

Affected people say their network goes offline at random times of the day for 5-10 minutes, with the issue resolving with either a system reboot. Some say that the problem occurs several times a day, which is obviously quite frustrating. The root cause of the issue is unknown, but seems to be possibly firmware related as some are reporting issues following the release of a new update. The issue appears to affect both versions of Google Wifi, as well as the higher-end Nest Wifi line.

From what we can see in this thread and the responses of a “community specialist”, Google has yet to identify a fix for this problem, but some owners have been able to get hardware replacements, although this has not always solved the problem.

We contacted Google regarding this ongoing issue, but the company was not immediately available for comment.

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Personally, I encountered this problem without realizing it. What I attributed to my local ISP’s bad service (Spectrum) and/or a faulty modem turned out to be the same problem. I fixed the problem for months by restarting the modem every time my connection dropped, and finally tried factory resetting my Google Wifi network (the original model, not the 2020 refresh). Somehow that ended up making things worse and made my main point even more unreliable.

In my case, fixing this issue required upgrading from Google Wifi as the primary router to Nest Wifi. Now my other Google Wifi points in other parts of my house are working just fine. It looks like my problem affected my main connection point and not the additional points in the house as others have reported on the support thread.

As someone who dealt with this issue for a few months while working from home, this is something I wouldn’t wish on anyone, and I sincerely hope that Google releases a fix as soon as possible.

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