Nest Wifi Pro issue limiting download speeds to 50Mbps for some


The Nest Wifi Pro has only been available for a few days now, but some customers are already seeing an issue that limits their download speeds to 50Mbps.

Update: Google has provided a timeline indicating when this issue will be resolved.

Nest Wifi Pro comes with the promise of Wi-Fi 6E, which is intended to enable high-speed connectivity, both within your home network and when using the internet. For some, however, Google’s new mesh routers were a major downgrade.

As discussed in depth on Google’s Nest Community forums, some are finding that by upgrading to Nest Wifi Pro their download speeds drop to just 50Mbps, although their previous router easily delivers significantly faster speeds. Even owners of previous generations of Nest Wifi and Google Wifi find that these older devices outperform their brand new Nest Wifi Pro.

The exact cause of Nest Wifi Pro slowdowns is still unconfirmed, but there are a few common trends among those who report slow download speeds. Most reviewers pay for fiber internet, specifically fiber to the premises or “FTTP”, in which the Nest Wifi Pro would connect directly to the fiber ONT (optical network terminal). Most cases also seem to point to PPPoE, a protocol that handles things like authenticating to your ISP over Ethernet.

Another notable factor is that many reports of download speed issues come from Nest Wifi Pro owners in the UK. According to a comment, Google is actively investigating an issue with Nest Wifi Pro specific to UK customers.

Those affected have taken a few approaches to solving their problem and getting faster download speeds from the Nest Wifi Pro – these approaches range from practical to clever. Some have had luck simply putting another router – be it an old Google Wifi or whatever device they had handy – before the Nest Wifi Pro, but that solution didn’t work. didn’t work for everyone. Others completely return the Nest Wifi Pro system or give Google a few days to sort things out before returning it.

Update 11/12: In a statement to The edge, Google has confirmed that a “small number of users” are experiencing download speed issues on Nest Wifi Pro, primarily customers in the UK who connect to the internet using PPPoE. According to Nest Wifi Pro Product Manager Sanjay Noronha, a fix for this issue will be rolling out early next week.

Hopefully this should be easily fixed with a firmware update from Google, especially since other Nest Wifi routers handle the same networks without issue. Until such an update, however, it’s a shame to see early Nest Wifi Pro users not being able to use the router to its full potential.

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