New router: Google Wifi arrives in Brazil promising to improve your internet

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Google Wifi arrives in Brazil

On Thursday (14), Google launched a new product in Brazil that promises to improve the Internet for users in the country. Google Wifi is a router that aims to make the connection faster and more reliable with coverage for every room in the house, avoiding the famous inaccessible points.

“With Google Wifi, Brazilians will have a fast, flicker-free connection, thanks to the strong signal it sends throughout their homes. This will allow multiple connected devices to work at the same time, as is the case with most homes today,” said Vinicius Depp, Google’s Hardware President for Latin America. “People work, study, and play at home.

How does Google Wifi work in practice?

We tested Google Wifi and the first impression was that it has a very nice design, bright panel in a small white round device.

Disclosure / Google

Google Wifi has a nice design

Setting up Google Wifi is super easy: just plug it into a wall outlet and modem (using an Ethernet cable) and quickly set it up via the Google Home app on a cell phone or other Android device. It doesn’t even take 10 minutes.

In the first test, the router actually improved internet speed, at least around this one. The Wi-Fi Internet speed, which was 58 Mbps (Mbps), has increased to 260 Mbps.

Far from Google Wifi, the result is negative. At a distance of about 10 meters from the router, and already in another room with inconvenient walls, the speed decreased compared to the standard telephone company router.

router network

For homes larger than 110 square meters, with thick walls or a long floor plan, Google recommends installing more than one router. This is where the main difference of Google Wifi comes in: the network technology.

The system allows multiple routers to work together, creating a network and failover in a way that the user does not notice. So you can walk around the house and it will provide the nearest Wi-Fi signaling device without interruption or loss of performance. “Networked WiFi access points work together to determine the best path for your data,” says Google.

cool features

In addition to Google Wifi’s core network technology, the router also promises more privacy as security updates are performed more frequently.

Another nice feature is that the router has some sort of parental controls. Using the Google Home app, children’s devices can be blocked from internet at specific times, such as dinner and bedtime. Additionally, you can block inappropriate websites from devices chosen by administrators.

Also through Google Home it is possible to choose a device to receive the best signal in the house. You can choose your computer while you work or your smart TV while streaming a movie, for example.

Price and availability

Google Wifi will be available in Brazil on Thursday at major retailers in the country. You can only buy one router or three, which is a recommended option for larger homes at a more attractive price.

  • Google Wifi – 1 unit – R$ 999
  • Google Wifi – Set of 3 units – R$1999

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