New software and firmware updates keep Outline’s Newton uniquely world class


New software and firmware updates keep Outline’s Newton uniquely world class

Continued development of the Italian company’s patented WFIR filter design results in even greater EQ resolution, while further updates expand the unit’s capabilities, compatibility and control options.

While Outline’s patented Newton extraordinaire continues to rewrite the rules of advanced audio system signal processing, the latest updates to the Dashboard application (software v1.9.4 and firmware v0.97) include enhancements to the functionality of WFIR filters, the addition of a GPIO control port and extended compatibility for the latest Apple Mac computers.

Of particular interest to companies is the further development of its unique WFIR (Warped Finite Impulse Response) filters, using Outline’s new equalization coefficient synthesis (EQ-CSA) algorithm, which accelerates the speed of group equalization. who are already deploying Newton at some of the biggest festivals in the world. functionality significantly and also extends the resolution of the filter.

These improvements not only apply within a single Newton, but also when multiple units are networked, while maintaining all of the exceptional performance and surgical precision that single WFIR filters are known for. This new level of multi-unit control offers an unprecedented level of audio EQ options that can be deployed across multiple festival stages simultaneously; today, no other audio processor comes close to this degree of user control.

Major international providers including Rat Sound, Gabisom, Adlib, Britannia Row, Capital Sound and others already rely on Newton for core system control in complex multi-stage festival situations and its latest enhancements will be a great help. news for their sound engineers and system technicians.

Compatibility with Apple Mac computers has also been further developed by Outline engineers, as Big Sur and Monterey operating systems are now supported. Additionally, Dashboard is now fully compatible with the latest generation Macs using the M1 chip.

The update also introduces the ability to use Newton’s GPIO capability to manage certain internal functions for security and evacuation purposes.

Rat Sound of Camarillo, California have been enthusiastic owners of Newton for some time and their work includes legendary festivals such as Coachella and Stagecoach. The company’s Jon Monson comments, “We love our Outline Newtons at Rat Sound!

“They are an integral part of our large sound system and festival deployments. The Mac-based interface is clean and intuitive and the multitude of I/O options are essential as we use analog, AES, Dante and Madi in our setups.

“Now the Outline team has also implemented a GPIO function in the software and thanks to this we have been able to implement a complete emergency replacement for each stage of the festival from a central and remote location. Over the years it has become increasingly important to offer these kinds of safety enhancements to our festival patrons, and the Newton has enabled us to achieve this.

March 30, 2022


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