New Studio Display 15.5 Firmware Update Brings Improved Webcam to All Users


Today Apple released a new firmware update 15.5 for Studio Display. The major update coming with this update is improved webcam performance. Users will need to update to the new Monterey 12.4 to receive the firmware update. Those who relied on betas to solve their webcam problems can now use an official and stable version.

Studio Display 15.5 firmware update brings webcam improvements

Users can update Studio Display firmware by connecting the display to a Mac running macOS Monterey 12.4, which also saw a release today. Once the new Mac software is installed, Studio Display owners can access System Preferences > Software Update to install the latest firmware.

This new firmware update comes after Apple has been working on it since March. The main purpose of this update is to fix issues regarding webcam quality.

The Apple Studio Display includes a 12-megapixel ultrawide camera that also supports Center Stage. However, reviewers and Studio Display owners have noted that the camera consistently produces grainy, washed-out images. The tech giant said this is due to the system not behaving as it should.

Apple’s release notes say the latest firmware fine-tunes the camera, delivering improved noise reduction, contrast, and framing. After testing the beta version of the latest update, MacRumors indicated that there is a major difference in the quality of the camera. The biggest improvement is in how the framing works.

Furthermore, the publisher also said that the colors aren’t as pale, there’s an improvement in contrast, and the overall look looks vibrant. While the editor also noted that skin tones show up better and there’s less noise, which provides more clarity, ultimately Studio Display owners shouldn’t expect any “dramatic changes”.

Additional Updates

In addition to the latest firmware version available to everyone, Apple has also provided new wallpaper for Studio Display users. Also, although the new 12.4 update was released today, there isn’t much of a noteworthy thing in the update. The latest update mainly focuses on bug fixes and under the hood improvements. This is likely due to Apple waiting for WDCC22 to release a major new update.

The 2.2GB macOS Monterey 12.4 update is available now. Users can download it via System Preferences > Software Updates.


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