No Joke: The Nikon Z9 Has a “Cat Meow” Shutter Sound


No, it’s not April Fool’s Day: the Nikon Z9 has a shutter sound effect that makes the sound of a cat’s meow.

Despite being a flagship pro camera, the Nikon Z9 apparently doesn’t take itself too seriously. During Big N’s presentation for the CP+ 2022 event in Japan, two of its representatives demonstrated a host of camera features, including the ability to make the shutter sound like a cat.

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The Nikon pair showed, without a small amount of smiles and laughs, that the Z9 can make the sound of a cat meowing when the shutter is pressed. Remember that the Nikon Z9 does not have a mechanical shutter; it is purely electronic, and therefore all sound emitted is completely synthetic. And, therefore, does not have to be the sound of a real camera shutter.

“Please in the middle of the night it’s not a cat fighting you hear outside the apartment,” one joked.

The duo also demonstrated the camera shutter playing a recording of one of them talking, suggesting you can record your own sound and completely customize your camera sound.

Via a very broken machine translation, it seems that other effects, such as trains, can also be taken into account. Nikon Rumors could see that more relevant shutter sounds – namely those of the Nikon D750 and Nikon F4 – were also under consideration.

The key is that these new sound effects would be introduced via firmware updates – and entirely based on audience reaction. And it seems that Nikon (or, at least, Nikon Japan) seriously considering moving.

“It’s something that’s in production right now,” said one of the presenters. “The feature itself won’t necessarily be installed in the Z9 in the future. I’ve thought about it, and it’s been a long time…so I said I’d like to see everyone’s reaction.”

What do you think – is that too silly for a pro-grade camera that costs almost six grand? Is it better suited to a more lifestyle camera like the Nikon Z fc? Or is it a brilliant idea, bringing the fun back to photography, that other manufacturers should duplicate?

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