Nothing Ear Firmware Update (1) Contains Game Mode Sync for Phone (1), Quick Swift Support


Nothing, the London-based consumer electronics company released its first product, the Nothing Ear (1) in 2021. The Ear (1) are known for their unique design and affordable price. As the company launched its first smartphone called the Phone (1), it released a new firmware update for the Ear (1). The update contains two new features and weighs around 1.8 MB. Keep reading to know more about Nothing Ear (1) update, what it contains and how to update firmware on Ear ( 1).

Nothing Ear (1) firmware update contains new features

Nothing Ear (1) firmware update v0.6700.1.88 contains three new features.

  • First of all, the update brings a new synchronization with the phone (1) in game mode. If the phone (1) is connected to the ear (1) while playing a game, the ear ( 1) will automatically enable low latency mode.
  • Another feature of the update is support for Microsoft Quick Swift. It allows users to quickly pair their Ear (1) with all Microsoft Windows 10 devices via an automatic pop-up that notifies of the connection.
  • Finally, the new update improves the call duration of the ear (1) by optimizing the energy consumption during calls.

How to update Nothing Ear (1) firmware?

Open the Ear app (1) and connect the Ear headphones (1). Tap the three-dot menu in the upper right corner of the screen and select “Firmware Update”. If an update is available, the option will show “new update available” and contain details of the update including firmware version, update size and feature that has been added as part of the update. Tap “Download and Install” at the bottom of the page and the update should install.

When updating the Ear (1), make sure the device has at least 10 battery levels or is charging. Also, keep the earbuds in the charging case and the charging case cover open until the firmware is updated. It only takes a few minutes for a smartphone to download the update but it can take a few minutes to install it on the Ear (1) via Bluetooth. Therefore, be patient and do not interrupt the update process.


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