OnePlus 10T gets OxygenOS 13 open beta update


The OnePlus 10T launched a few months ago and effectively revives the “T-series” for the company’s flagship line. While it brings the more sophisticated Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 SoC and faster 150W charging, for the OnePlus it’s not the highest offering. As a result, the company prioritized the OnePlus 10 Pro in its Android 13-based OxygenOS 13 update schedule. After several rounds of beta testing, the Pro got its stable update. Now the OnePlus 10T steps in and becomes the company’s next flagship. update listing. The device already has a couple of updates without OxygenOS 13. The time has come.

OnePlus recently rolled out an updated roadmap for the OxygenOS 13 update. The roadmap mentions devices like the OnePlus 10T, OnePlus 9, 9 Pro, and on the OnePlus 8 series. Now the OnePlus 10T is getting its first open beta in India. Oddly enough, this device is getting the update a bit later than some other eligible devices. Most of them have already got their open beta. Either way, better late than never. Now users of the recently released flagship will be assured that the stable update is coming soon.

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OxygenOS 13 reaches the OnePlus 10T

The OxygenOS 13 Open Beta update for the OnePlus 10T brings Android 13 as the underlying version, but that’s just the surface. The brand is trying to move away from the ColorOS identity that predominated in OxygenOS 12. Still, it’s not close to vanilla Android like older versions were. The update is based on “nature” and brings the brand new anamorphic design. The company promises software that flows smoothly like water. Additionally, the update brings new customization options and new security improvements. In addition, the animations are more natural and vivid.

OxygenOS 13

It should be noted that OnePlus 10T owners in India running firmware versions A.08 and A.10 are all eligible for the OxygenOS 13 open beta update. It is necessary to follow certain steps to register in the beta program. Once you’re there, there’s no way to go back… Just kidding, you can go back to stable software. But make a backup first! After all, restoring will erase your data. So be sure to store your data before proceeding with your beta installation.

The OnePlus 10T runs Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 and has a large 4,880mAh battery with up to 150W charging. The phone is available in multiple markets including North America. We’re pretty sure it’s only a matter of time before other devices get this version.


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