OnePlus Nord 2 receives OxygenOS A.19 with bug fixes and improvements


OnePlus rolled out OxygenOS A.17 with February 2022 security patches to the OnePlus Nord 2 last month. Shortly after, OnePlus released OxygenOS A.18 on the device with a minor bug fix and the same security patches. OnePlus is currently rolling out another software update for the device, and the latest release doesn’t bring much in the way of user-facing changes either.

OxygenOS A.19 has started rolling out to OnePlus Nord 2 users in select regions. This is a minor update that does not include any significant changes or the latest security fixes. Instead, the update brings system stability improvements and fixes for some known issues. Unfortunately, the changelog does not highlight the bugs that OnePlus has fixed with this update.


OxygenOS A.19 Changelog

    • System
      • Improved system stability and fixed some known issues

As with all official OxygenOS updates, OxygenOS A.19 for the OnePlus Nord 2 is rolling out to users in a staggered fashion. This means that it will initially only reach a handful of users. Once OnePlus confirms that the update does not introduce any new bugs, it should be rolled out more widely.

OxygenOS A.19 for OnePlus Nord 2 screenshot

Credit: Anishsha

If you haven’t received the update on your Nord 2 yet, you can either wait for the OTA notification to appear on your device or download the firmware package from the link below and flash it manually. However, we do not recommend choosing the latter if you use your OnePlus Nord 2 as a daily driver.

OnePlus Nord 2 XDA Forums

Download OxygenOS A.19 for the OnePlus Nord 2

At the moment, we only have access to the download links of the OxygenOS A.17 incremental update for the European region. We will update the post with download links for the full firmware package as soon as it becomes available.

Thanks to XDA Senior Member Some_Random_Username for the download link!


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