Optus integrates McAfee Monitoring into its home Wi-Fi router


Australian operator Optus has extended its relationship with McAfee to launch Optus WiFi Secure, which automatically protects all devices connected to your home or office modem from online threats.

This is the latest in their cybersecurity-focused partnerships and is included for all new and existing Optus Family Internet plan customers.

After recognizing a need in the market for customers wishing to protect themselves and their families against online threats, Optus saw the opportunity to address it and offer customers peace of mind, by providing tools to help them protect their passwords and personal data at home. Wi-Fi network.

WiFi Secure actively monitors malicious websites that host malware and other threats and protects your connected devices against attempts to access your home WiFi network. This includes everything from baby monitors, security cameras to smart devices and home security systems.

The number of connected devices in the average Australian household is on the rise. With devices evolving to be used for social, entertainment, work, and education, the need for the level of convenience they bring to every home is more important than ever. However, on the other hand, it also comes with more entry points for vulnerabilities within the home, which is where Optus WiFi Secure comes in to automatically protect itself from any online threat. It is built into Optus-enabled modems and helps ensure that all Internet traffic passing through the modem, to any device on that network, is safe, even those without display screens.

Optus WiFi Secure is available as an inclusion for Optus Family Internet plan customers at no additional cost or for an additional $5 per month on other eligible nbn plans.

Matt Williams, Optus Chief Marketing and Revenue Officer
In light of this, we are delighted to partner with McAfee, a highly trusted cyber protection organization to ensure that our customers are supported by the best in the industry.


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