PCs not supporting Windows 11 version now show you this annoying watermark


People using Windows 11 on PCs that aren’t officially supported will see a new watermark in the bottom right of their screen. As you may know, Microsoft has set strong support criteria to run the new version of Windows, which has left millions of PCs ineligible.

People have tried other ways to install the operating system on the machines, and a new Windows 11 update ensures that these people are well aware of their system’s incompatibility with the new version.

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So, if you installed Windows 11 within the last few days, you will notice an annoying watermark on the screen. The watermark says: “system requirements not met. Go to Settings to learn more.”

Microsoft began testing the alert earlier this year through the Windows 11 beta. And it seems determined to get people to buy new hardware to use the new Windows operating system. But it’s possible that Microsoft offers this watermark for Windows 11 compatible machines but their system’s TPM secure boot is disabled.

For now, the watermark does not interfere with your system and platform functionality. Microsoft has always kept its older versions supported, and it’s likely that even with this alert, the company doesn’t want to cause problems for users.

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But expect the company to gradually make changes, so people using Windows 11 on unsupported machines will eventually upgrade to newer models, giving them access to all Windows 11 features and official company support. Microsoft has a big plan to increase the number of active devices running Windows 11 and it will happen gradually.

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But Windows 10 is likely to be the company’s main focus for at least a few more years, until the machine upgrade schedule forces users to buy new Windows 11 machines.

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