Pioneer announces new subs, 2-way speakers and model-specific firmware updates


Pioneer has announced a new line of Champion Series subwoofers and two-way coaxial speakers, designed to enhance your vehicle’s overall sound system. Additionally, Pioneer recently rolled out a firmware update that adds Internet Access to the Receiver (RIA) and allows users to access the Internet for Alexa functions without requiring an access point.

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The Champion Series subwoofers, the TS-A301D4 ($140) and TS-A301S4 ($130) are engineered with high-power handling and endurance, deep bass, and durable design components, catering to a wide range of consumer needs.

The small two-way coaxial speakers, the TS-A709 ($80) and TS-A879 ($90) are designed to enhance the in-vehicle sound experience and provide an upgrade option from OEM quality speakers for most vehicles on the road today. A smooth and seamless listening experience, an easy setup process, and a set of speakers that will last you many years to come.

Over-the-air firmware and feature update for NEX in-dash receivers using the CarAVAssist app (available for download on iPhone and Android device). Enjoy the convenience of over-the-air updates while eliminating the hassle of transferring data files via USB drive. The update supports Apple CarPlay split-screen functions, allowing the user to simultaneously view and control CarPlay UI and Pioneer audio sources, source controls and tuner presets.

Pioneer Champion Series Subwoofers

  • Both subwoofers feature an improved overall design, including a highly rigid and durable IMPP honeycomb cone structure allowing deeper, stronger bass reproduction and reduced distortion even under high input power
  • The honeycomb design pairs perfectly with the lightweight drive cone to ensure linear motion at high output levels for reduced sonic distortion
  • Double-layer, fiber and reinforced elastic polymer surround supports the woofer during cone excursion for tight, punchy bass
  • 2-plate magnetic circuit that increases and concentrates magnetic flux density in space, providing increased efficiency and reliability
  • Increased low bass output with a tuned frequency of 50Hz and +5dB higher output in the critical range, adding more powerful bass to your vehicle
  • High durability design thanks to the improved internal structure of the basket. Grooved structure around the spider increases strength by dispersing stress and ensures precise cone movement during extreme bass output
  • Firmly closed lower basket for reliable bass reproduction. which supports bass reproduction by reducing basket vibration to deliver excellent sound quality

Pioneer two-way coaxial small speakers

  • The TS-A709 measures 2.75 inches in width, while the TS-A879 measures 3.5 inches in width for wide compatibility
  • 450 watts of sonic accessibility and 100 watts of continuous power output
  • Improved design including tough yet flexible carbon and mica reinforced IMPP woofer cones. The resin frame of both speakers offers a lightweight structure but ensures durability for years to come. Both speakers contain domed tweeters that disperse high-frequency sound waves for better imaging
  • In-line audio-grade capacitors designed as an 850Hz high-pass filter to protect speakers from high-power and low-frequency damage
  • Rubber surround for added flexibility and durability in various environmental conditions
  • Neodymium magnets inside which are lightweight, strong and have a smaller profile. The strength of the neodymium magnets allows the tweeters to perform better in more demanding situations, reducing noise distortion

Receiver Internet Access Firmware Update

in-dash DMH-WT7600NEX radio

The software update is available for NEX CPUs released in 2020 and later. Whether you’re looking for the latest sports scores or want to know the weather, consumers no longer need to switch between screens to listen to the radio and access apps – everything is accessible via the split screen. The update also includes iDatalink Multi-Angle Camera Control (sold separately) + Widget Support for Metra Axxess (sold separately), Mirror Option (2nd/Front Camera) and Spotify playback via Alexa Built-in.

RIA compatible models

  • DMH-WT8600NEX
  • DMH-WT7600NEX
  • DMH-WC6600NEX
  • DMH-WC5700NEX
  • DMH-W4600NEX
  • DMH-W4660NEX

You can find all these new Pioneer products and more information about firmware updates on the company website.

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Last updated April 16, 2022.

Pioneer DMH-WT8600NEX


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