Powerline or WiFi, the best alternative if you cannot connect by cable


The controller for connectivity with local networks

Currently, cable is one of the most used connections in homes, and it is the one we recommend you install in your home, as it gives you better browsing speed. In any case, it is true that sometimes it can happen with some problems to face and that our internet is down.

In addition to the ubiquitous WiFi and although for many users the best system for interconnection equipment It is the typical network cable, there are other interesting alternatives such as CPL networks, which together with WiFi are the best option for our connection.

We talk about PLC as Powerline Communications, and its current goal is to provide us connectivity with local networks through the existing electrical installation in homes and businesses. In other words, the PLC uses the wiring in our homes to transmit data in addition to electrical current.

What is PLC and how can it help you?

At first, this equipment began to work with ADSL, where at that time speeds did not exceed 50 MB, which at the moment of truth was 5 Mbps. ‘ which is used to extend our connection networks, by sending data from our Internet connection through the thread of light. Internet connection and electricity work in two different phases, so they do not interfere with each other.

You can use the light and take Internet by the electric current, without any problem. In addition, it is much more secure, since your data does not transit through the air and is more difficult to hack.

With this, therefore, we can say that it is without a doubt the the simplest and most effective solution to be able to bring the Internet connection to any instance of our house, regardless of its distance from the router, since we will only need an outlet to connect them. Therefore, if you have blind spots where you just want to place a console or a Smart TV, using a powerline adapter is one of the most suitable solutions.

Its installation is more than simple

In theory, PLC equipment is plug and play, that is, we connected it and it would be ready to use. However, as the automaton occupies a socket yes or yes, some are already delivered with an additional socket so as not to miss any. Normally these they are sold in pairs because two devices are needed to operate the system:

  • A pick up the signal WiFi to transmit it to the electrical wiring.
  • Other (extender) receives the signal and broadcasts it to the area where it is plugged in. Obviously more extensions can be used to reach different areas of our house.

Thereafter, and for the connection/installation of the entire system, the method is just as simple:

  • The sending automaton plugs into an outlet near the router and connects to it via an Ethernet cable.
  • The receiving automaton plugs into desired area and we can connect an Ethernet cable (or via WiFi) to the desired device.

Clever! Should we do more? A little more than verifying that the connection arrives correctly. As you can see, the installation is very simple: there was no DIY at home and we only needed a few minutes to get it up and running.


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