PS5 IPV6 kernel exploit: Sleirsgoevy updates github repository with WIP implementation


PlayStation Hacker Sleirsgoevy pushed some work in progress for the PS5 IPV6 kernel exploit to his bd-jb repository. The focus is on “work in progress”.

PS5 IPV6 Core Exploit – TL, DR

Here’s what we know so far if you’ve just joined us:

  • Hacker TheFlow revealed a Kernel exploit for the PS5 earlier this month, exploiting a vulnerability in the PS5’s IPV6 implementation.
  • Several hackers are trying to implement this exploit based on current knowledge. To do this, they need to 1) write a working implementation of the Kernel exploit and 2) piece it together with a user-mode entry point, specifically the bd-jb exploit
    • The bd-jb exploit requires a physical Blu-ray player and therefore only works on the PS5 physical edition. It’s possible that another user mode exploit (e.g. this webkit exploit) could be used in combination with the kernel exploit, for PS5 Digital Edition users.
  • It is currently unknown which firmwares can technically be hacked (a given firmware must be vulnerable to both the exploit of the user mode used – bd-jb or webkit – AND the kernel exploit), but the consensus seems to be 4.03 is a given, 4.50 is likely.
  • The hackers said that even when this is achieved, what we will most likely get will be a minimal homebrew environment, useful mainly for developers only.

PS5 Homebrew still a long way off

It’s important at this point to mention that Sleirsgoevy’s commit is a work in progress, and most likely it doesn’t do anything significant at this time.

As we mentioned a few days ago, several hackers have claimed that a PS5 kernel exploit isn’t necessarily the holy grail, with plenty of additional security measures in place on Sony’s latest console. If and when something is ready, it won’t be a full-fledged PS5 jailbreak, but rather a barebones homebrew sandbox for hackers to dig deeper into.

Several hackers are trying to piece together this PS5 kernel exploit with the bd-jb user mode entry point. For people who don’t have a PS5 physical edition, there’s also hope that eventually this kernel exploit may be suitable for the webkit vulnerability that affects both physical and digital editions of the PS5.

To download

People with the right skill set are of course welcome to dig deeper into Sleirsgoevy’s ongoing work and see if they can contribute more (or compete with it)


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