QB Carr’s future in Vegas secured


Strategist Derek CarrThe future of with the Raiders has been hot and cold for some time now, but according to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, Las Vegas’ new management is ready to show its commitment to the eighth-year veteran with a contract extension.

Just before the start of February, the Raiders announced the hiring of two former employees from New England. They were taking the Patriots offensive coordinator, Josh McDanielsto fulfill the role of head coach and director of player personnel for the Patriots, David Ziegler, to fulfill the role of Managing Director. Both McDaniels and Ziegler had expressed interest in negotiating for Carr during their time in New England.

Since the departures of the former head coach Jon Gruden and former CEO Mike Mayock, Carr was unsure about his future, saying his status could be affected by the team’s hirings. Carr’s first choice to replace Gruden was, in fact, McDaniels. Mutual support and respect is something Carr hasn’t had the luxury of enjoying throughout his eight years with the organization.

Joel Corry, who writes for CBS Sports on NFL contracts and salary caps, tweeted some ideas of what an extension for Carr might look like. In 2017, Carr became the first NFL player to average $25 million a year. Even breaking that barrier, Carr claimed at the time that he left money in the cap for custody deals. Gabe Jackson and outside linebacker Khalil Mac. Corry and Rapoport both claim Carr has made near-top-level money that could make him the fourth quarterback to join the $40 million-a-year club, joining the likes. Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allenand Dak Prescott.

The Raiders have time to work out a deal with Carr as he is under contract until next season. They may try to show good faith and offer an extension before his contract year begins, or, with leadership and quarterback relations much healthier, they may take some time to find the best deal. for both sides. Either way, things have certainly improved for everyone involved, and the Raiders hope to reap the benefits.


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