Ricoh GR IIIx ‘urban edition’


Ricoh is releasing a new limited-edition version of its popular GR IIIx compact camera that features a striking blue and gray paint job, plus revamped exposure and focus modes. New Ricoh GR IIIx “Urban Edition” kit includes camera plus leather strap and metal shoe cover. It will be available next month for $1,099.95, just $100 more than a GR IIIx standard.

Ricoh Japan says 2,000 units will be made and a camera-only version (i.e. no leather strap or shoe cover) will be available this summer. Photographers using the standard GR IIIx will have access to these exposure and focus updates next month via a firmware update.

The paint job

Check out this navy lens ring and chic leather strap. Ricoh/Pentax

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According to Ricoh, the navy blue and metallic gray colors were inspired by the deep blue and gray colors often seen in the frames of urban street photographers. While we admit we love the aesthetics of this limited-edition GR IIIx, the most exciting updates are inside.

New mode of exposure

A new exposure mode called “Snap Distance Priority” allows shooters to preset preferred distance and depth of field settings – a handy tool for street shooters who do a lot of panoramic photography.

New focus modes

Ricoh has also introduced three new focus modes. “Auto Area AF (Center)” uses the nine focus areas around the center of the image sensor rather than the entire image field. “Enable AF Mode Shutter” allows photographers to lock the AF system without locking the AE system when pressing the shutter button halfway. Finally, the “Snapshot Mode” allows users to set the focus mode to 11.5 feet, accessed by a long press on the monitor. These four new settings will be available via a firmware update next month for existing GR IIIx shooters (no word if GR III customers will also receive the update).

Pricing & Availability

The new Ricoh GR IIIx Urban Edition camera.
The Urban Edition will be available in April. Ricoh/Pentax

The GR IIIx Urban Edition kit with the leather strap and metal shoe cover will be available in April 2022 for $1,099.95. A camera-only version will be available this summer, pricing to be announced.


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