Save 90% with the lifetime license of Windows 10, which can be yours for only 12 euros


As electronic component manufacturers gradually resume inventory renewal and price recovery, more and more users choose to renew their personal computer. However, in order to make a real change, in addition to the hardware, it is equally important to update our software. And what better way to do it than with an official license of Windows 10, Windows 11 or the Office suite with a spectacular discount.

Yes, as you hear it. SuperCDK offers us the possibility of obtaining 100% genuine and secure Windows 10, Windows 11 and Microsoft Office licenses at truly unbeatable prices, to which you can add our additional discount for save up to an additional 30% off these prices.

  • Windows 10 Pro Oem Lifetime Key, reduced with our coupon up to 13.78 euros
  • Windows 10 Home Oem lifetime key, at the minimum price of only 12.15 euros
  • Windows 11 Pro OEM key, the latest from Microsoft for only 18.10 euros
  • Office 2016 Pro Plus lifetime key, reduced to 23.31 euros
  • Office 2019 Pro Plus Lifetime Key, priced at 39.78 euros
  • WIndows 10 Pro Oem + Office 2016 Pro Plus key pack, an essential pack for only 35.28 euros
  • WIndows 10 Pro Oem + Office 2019 Pro Plus key pack, a complete jump for only 51.45 euros

How to get Windows 10 at the best price?

It’s very simple. You just have to enter the link of the product you want to buy and complete a registration process if you are not yet a SuperCDK customer. If you already have an account, log in with your details. Once you are done, you put the product(s) you want to buy in the shopping cart, you use the discount coupon ‘MUY’ (without the quotes), You complete the payment and you are done.

Thus, in a few minutes we will receive an email about the account with which we registered, as well as the corresponding license.

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Windows 10 SuperCDK at 90% off (1)

Windows 10 SuperCDK at 90% off

How to activate Windows 10?

If you purchased Windows 10, for example, you can use your license in two different ways. The first is to perform a clean install of the operating system. At the start of this process, the installation wizard itself will ask you to enter your license, without further ado.

Another way to use your license is to Directly activate an existing Windows 10 installation. Just press the Windows key and type “See if Windows is activated”. You enter the first result, and select the option that will allow you to activate your operating system. Paste the license you purchased and that’s it.

But that’s not all, and that is, if we have chosen to purchase any of the Windows 10 licenses, we will be able to upgrade to Windows 11 for free. A completely free process offered by Microsoft itself, with a linking process that will take place automatically and which, in case we are not convinced, will allow us to return to Windows 10 within 10 days.

How to activate Windows

And it is that, although it is not too difficult to find “pirate” codes, the growing presence of malware oriented to installers and keygens of the Microsoft operating system is spreading more and more on the Internet , so in many cases it will end up leaving us much more expensive than we thought. The advantages of installing this software illegally are obvious: not only will we not break the law, but we will ensure the security of our data and the proper functioning of the operating system, which could even result in the loss of critical updates in the future and with she the danger of new vulnerabilities.

So, once again, we offer you this selection of original keys with which you can update any new or old computer without any problem, with ease and speed. There is no time limit to activate them and they are valid for life..


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