Semnox Parafait installed at FEC partner sites in New Jersey


Semnox adds two more slots — boardwalk casino and Island Breeze Casino arcades – to its growing list of American customers. Located on the classic Sea Isle boardwalk in New Jersey, these casino arcades provide family fun for returning tourists and first-time visitors alike each summer.

The Kiska family, which owns and operates Boardwalk Casino and the arcades at Island Breeze Casino, wanted to maintain a traditional feel with a token-based revenue system. After participating in the 2021 edition IAAPA Trade Showthey realized that not using cards was not an option.

“We were concerned that moving to a card-based system would reduce the enjoyment of the customer experience. We wanted to stay true to the end goal: to provide entertainment,” said Ryan Kiska, owner of Boardwalk Casino. Not only were our guests happy with the transition, Parafait also ushered us into the 21st century, we didn’t realize how many sales we were missing because we only had cash.

Some of the Parafait system features that have been implemented include RFID-based debit card systems, LuminOS reader for tap-to-play functionality, point-of-sale and redemption systems, and l on-demand roaming between the Boardwalk Casino location and Island Breeze. Casino location for multi-site play and upsell options. With most of their indoor arcades currently equipped with card readers, arcades have increased gross sales and noticed a change in consumer behavior. The Parafait system tracks game usage and can alert staff when a game requires maintenance, improving the efficiency of daily operations. Boardwalk and Island Breeze also get LuminOS over-the-air firmware updates, 5GHz support, and web services-based interaction.

“We’ve just scratched the surface of possibilities with LuminOS,” said Kiran Karanki, CEO of Semnox. “Having replicated the functionality of a standard player on an OS-based player, we are now discussing ways to go beyond the current functionality with our customers. We believe that LuminOS has significant potential both in terms of the design of customer interactions and how the interaction with the gaming machine takes place”


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