Simple tips to be more secure online


Online security is for everyone. Information about your life is spread across dozens, if not hundreds of services, where you shop, communicate, share information and store files. Losing control of your digital identity can have real consequences, including embarrassing loss of privacy, devastating financial blows and personal safety risks. And whether it’s fair or not, it’s your responsibility to protect yourself. Although the task may seem overwhelming, a few simple steps are enough to drastically reduce your online risks.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be adding more steps to this page that anyone can take, as well as tips for handling special circumstances that require special attention. Nothing can make you perfectly secure, especially in situations where someone is specifically targeting you, but these steps will reduce the chances of random attacks and make them less likely to succeed.

We recommend that you follow these tips step by step. Some of these steps take minutes or even seconds, but others are complicated, and it’s better to take small steps than to wear yourself out from overthinking it all. The goal is to have a solid security foundation for your online life that doesn’t take a lot of effort to maintain but really does make your digital life safer.


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