Taiwan vigilant as China unleashes cyberwar


September 15, 2022 05:38 STI

beijing [China]Sep 15 (ANI): China has unleashed its cyber war against Taiwan, which has forced Taipei to be on guard, especially in the wake of heightened tensions after the visit of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, media reported.
In a bid to become resilient in the face of Chinese aggression, Taiwan has increased its defense spending by 15 CP next year, Nikkei Asia reported. However, in the contemporary world, there are other methodologies that China plans to exploit, including cyber warfare against Taiwan.
After Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, the island nation’s government and businesses have been the target of such attacks. Customers at 7-Eleven stores saw bulletins reading “Warmonger Pelosi, get out of Taiwan.” And electronic billboards have been hijacked across Taiwan – with one calling her an “old witch” whose visit is a “serious challenge to the sovereignty of the motherland”, Nikkei Asia reported.
Even the websites of the presidency and the ministries of foreign affairs and defense have not been spared by the Chinese. They were shut down by hackers for a short while. What happened has caused anxiety and concern in Taiwan.
Taiwan is now thinking aloud about whether its key infrastructure and critical services have strong enough firewalls and the ability to withstand determined cyberattacks. The cyberattack is an added assault amid China’s largest military drills that have surrounded the democratic island.

“If power plants, hospitals and transportation are hacked, the damage would be extensive,” Wang Ming-hung, assistant professor of computer studies at National Chung Cheng University, told Nikkei Asia.
“Everyone is at risk of cyberattacks,” he said, “from the leak of sensitive data to the suspension of online services and misinformation or misinformation about critical infrastructure.”
Additionally, Kuo Szu-Wei, a cybersecurity analyst at the Taipei-based Information Industry Institute (III), shared Wang’s concern when he noted that “all key infrastructure” has Kuo told Nikkei, “Hospitals, water and power stations as well as leading companies could be targets.
“In the era of digital transformation, connecting devices and systems to the internet is almost inevitable. This leads to regular software and firmware updates, which creates vulnerabilities for attacks.
Taiwan is not standing still as China continues to flex its muscles. The Taiwanese government has stepped up its efforts to combat cyberattacks. President Tsai Ing-wen has repeatedly said that “cybersecurity is national security”.
Another key area where Taiwan has begun laying the groundwork for a cybersecurity agency is the new Ministry of Digital Affairs, which is headed by hacker-turned-cabinet member Audrey Tang. The agency will hire an initial 150 cybersecurity specialists, a big increase from the 20 employees it had at a firm-affiliated cybersecurity center. (ANI)


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