The Kobo Elipsa and Clara HD are on sale



This summer there have been non-stop deals for people looking to buy an eReader for the first time or upgrade an older device to something brand new. Amazon ran a bountiful amount of deals that culminated with Prime Day. Kobo, too, has had some business here and there, but they’re running a new sales promotion for the Kobo Elipsa, which is their flagship e-book reader and notetaker, and the Kobo Clara HD.

The Kobo Elipsa was the first product aimed at students and professionals. It had the biggest screen the company had ever developed, 10.3. The Kobo Elipsa makes it easy to read and mark up non-fiction readings, essays, or assignments. Use the Kobo Pen to underline, circle, or highlight. When an idea germinates, write it down in the margins. Personalize every eBook and PDF and easily save, organize and find all your annotations. It’s the first Kobo product to include E INK Carta 1200 for faster viewing and faster page turns. This bundle includes the Kobo Pen and a Sleep Cover. This deal is on Amazon and the regular price is $399 USD and is on sale for $349.99 USD. Meanwhile, in Canada, the street price of the Elipsa is $499 CAD and on sale for $449.99. Big screen eNotes aren’t exactly cheap, but Kobo is a named brand and is committed to continuing to make new products like this and to continuing to release firmware updates. Lately, you can now buy audiobooks on the device and listen to them through Bluetooth headphones.

The Kobo Clara HD is a very solid e-reader that could soon be replaced by a new model, so this model is still on sale. It has a 6-inch screen with 300 PPI, which helps keep fonts crisp. You can buy books from the Kobo store and host them with 8 GB of internal storage. You can read at night thanks to the front and color temperature lighting system. It is for sale on the Amazon site in Canada for $119, a saving of 20% compared to the normal price. Oh yeah, you can also borrow books from Overdrive-supported libraries. This agreement is also on the Kobo website for customers residing in the United States.


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