The Nokia Purebook Pro laptop with Windows 11 and the debut of the Intel processor


Nokia is expanding its products in the laptop segment and the newest product in the line is called Purebook Pro. It runs on the Windows operating system and was unveiled at Mobile World Congress 2022 (MWC 2022) this week.

Nokia is a renowned name in the mobile industry, but the company is now using its brand to offer more products. We’ve seen tablets from the company before, as well as wireless headphones on the market. The Purebook Pro is an interesting addition to its catalog, given that the laptop market is hotly contested between top players like HP, Lenovo, and Dell, among others.

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Specifications of the Nokia Purebook Pro

Nokia Purebook Pro has a large screen. You can get it with a 15.6-inch screen or a 17.3-inch model. And depending on its size, you have the variants measuring 1.7 kg and 2.5 kg respectively.

Nokia uses the Intel Core i3 processor with 8GB of RAM to power the device. It also has 512GB SSD storage, which is good enough for most purposes. The laptop has an anti-reflective coating on the screen and has been equipped with a 2-megapixel front camera.

Purebook Pro comes with a fingerprint reader and has a large trackpad. It lacks the backlight support for the keyboard that was expected. Strangely, Purebook Pro only has three USB Type C ports and a microSD card reader. The omission of a regular USB port seems odd.

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Nokia Purebook Pro price and availability

Prices for the Nokia Purebook Pro start from EUR 699 (around Rs 58,800) for the 15.6-inch model, while the larger 17.3-inch version costs you EUR 799 (around Rs 67,200).

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The company did not reveal the markets where Purebook Pro will launch and when it will be available.

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