These colorful PlayStation DualSense controllers for $49 might be the best early Black Friday deal yet


Amazon has an incredibly good Black Friday deal on one of the best controllers for PC gaming. It’s true: the Sony DualSense wireless controller is on sale for just $49 (opens in a new tab). That makes it the cheapest we’ve ever seen this controller. This also includes all colors available on the DualSense.

These controllers rarely go on sale, and when they do, it’s usually for $10 off at most, and it’s almost always for the dull white version. So if you’re looking for a replacement because you wore out your current controller playing God of War, this is the best price you’ll see right now. I doubt you’ll see it cheaper during Black Friday proper; however, save the link in case your favorite retailer matches prices.

The DualSense includes a built-in speaker, microphone, and a neat touchpad for navigating menus. However, the big appeal of this Bluetooth controller is the haptic flow on the adaptive triggers, which adds a good level of immersion to games that encourage them (opens in a new tab).

Even if you don’t need a new controller, these make a decent gift for the PS5 gamer in your life. Come on, who would turn down an awesome new purple controller this Christmas? A Scrooge, I tell you!

The only real issue with the DualSense is that battery life is a wild card, especially for PS5 launch-era controllers. Sony says you can get 6-12 hours out of a single charge, but in my experience with the controller, that hasn’t always been the case. The good news is that the newer controllers seem to hold a charge longer.

However, let’s say you’re passionate about customization and don’t mind opening the piggy bank. In this case, Sony releases the fantasy Dualsense Edge (opens in a new tab)an Xbox Elite controller rival, in January for a whopping $200.


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