This gadget restarts your WiFi router in case of bad connection


In today’s episode of ‘Things I didn’t know I needed’, check out the ConnectSense Internet Rebooter. This is an extension cable that can automatically restart your WiFi router if it detects connection problems or system failures.

Yes, it’s true. This $35 doohickey means you’ll never have to get up to restart your WiFi router again. The smart gadget monitors your WiFi connection and restarts the router if it detects any issues.

It can also schedule daily reboots, because the last thing anyone needs is their WiFi going down.

The operating system, processor, and memory used by your router may crash when there is a change in the temporary IP address that your Internet service provider like Xfinity, Spectrum, or Cox assigns to your modem. Your device, router, and internet connection are out of sync; Internet Rebooter fixes this by scheduling a daily reboot to give your router the resources it needs to run efficiently. – Adam Justice, CEO of ConnectSense

The companion app makes it even more useful, letting you change the schedule to your liking and perform on-demand reboots if you think it’s necessary.

This might be enough to fix your WiFi connected devices issues, and you don’t have to get up! You can even use Google Assistant to restart your WiFi router.

With the FBI recommending rebooting our router daily to block malware, everyone might need an internet reboot at home. And no, we don’t mean just asking your child/significant other/neighbor to do it. It’s just rude.

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