This latest Windows update fixes a monstrous amount of flaws


On the same day that the new April patch was released, Microsoft also addressed the ongoing battle with the bad “state-sponsored high priority” actor, HAFNIUM, which is connected to the Tarrask malware spread. The latter is able to hijack a vulnerable Windows registry, breaking into a common Scheduled Task security descriptor and erasing its details in order to hide Tarrask’s own location in the system, essentially cloaking it from schtasks /query and the Scheduler of tasks. It is also incredibly difficult to remove because it usurps primarily in the subsystem or Windows LSASS security.

Of course, Microsoft is currently the case. Its detection and response team (DART) is working alongside Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center (MSTIC) since the threat became clear in March 2021. On April 12, Microsoft detailed its best course of action recommended for users looking to rooter Tarrask their own systems.

Until an official patch is released, Windows users will have to stick with the manual security guidelines offered by Microsoft. However, this is just an ongoing issue, and it pales in comparison to the admittedly sizable collection of other fixes that were included in the April 2022 Update. The update fixed over 145 issues across many different Windows platforms, and that amounts to a much more comprehensive fix than Microsoft’s previous March 2022 Update, which only fixed 94 issues in comparison.


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