This ‘Zero Trust’ phone could be the most secure smartphone ever


This smartphone boasts some of the most ultra-tight security measures without breaking the bank. However, its top-notch functionality has a catch.

A smartphone made by software company Sikur offers state-of-the-art security measures without breaking the bank. However, although its features make it one of the most secure handsets on the market, it does have a catch. With hacking exploits becoming universal these days, it is becoming increasingly difficult for users to regularly trust their smartphones.

This is where Sikur comes in, a cybersecurity company created in 2014, specializing in the development “military grade protectionIn addition to helping organizations combat cyber threats, the company has also been producing smartphones since 2015, offering hack-proof models such as the Granite Phone and SikurPhone. These handsets turned out to be a nightmare for hackers. but now Sikur is working on a model that might make physical key logins unnecessary.


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According to Engadget, the company’s latest smartphone, dubbed the Sikur One, runs Android 11, but with stricter security measures. It uses an authentication token system that removes the need for passwords, called Sikur ID, considered a zero-trust system. It comes with a 6.5-inch screen, 4GB of RAM, 128GB of expandable storage, an octa-core processor, a triple-lens primary shooter, a 3MP secondary camera, and a hefty 4,000 battery. mAh. The handset also supports dual SIM cards, but connectivity is limited to 4G. Sikur One would cost around $274, which includes a one-year license.

How good is the security of the Sikur One smartphone?

password hack

Even Google is worried, given how some malicious hacks are making themselves felt. Having a smartphone capable of protecting against such attacks is becoming more crucial than ever. To enhance security, Sikur One uses Sikur Messenger, a communication platform that stores data in a private cloud. It also incorporates a mobile device management (MDM) system to determine which apps are safe to download. The company claims that the smartphone remains protected even when connected to public networks, such as airport terminals.

Besides having a built-in virtual private network, Sikur One also automatically removes bloatware, disables location services by default, and comes with security measures that prevent manipulation of its operating system. If the device is stolen or compromised, the owner can also erase their data remotely and recover it securely via Sikur’s cloud. Unfortunately, to keep its security safe from the most common exploits, the phone will have no way to transfer files over USB. Additionally, users will have to pay $145 per year after their license expires to continue using its Sikur Messaging and MDM features. Sikur One could be ideal for users who manage various highly sensitive accounts, especially since two-factor authentication may not be enough. Of course, the smartphone is mainly for organizations, but individuals who still insist on getting such a smartphone will have to assess whether or not it’s worth the extra hassle that comes with it.

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