Tinnitus masking therapy is now included in BeHear ACCESS hearing amplification headsets

Tirat Carmel, Israel, March 20, 2022 — (PR.com) — Inexpensive, stylish, multi-functional, self-adjusting hearing amplifier reconnects people to the people and sounds they love

This new version of a customizable hearing amplifier by an Israeli start-up aims to help the millions of people around the world with untreated hearing loss that, consciously or not, often leads to isolation, depression and even dementia. Unlike expensive hearing aids that people can’t afford or don’t want, BeHear ACCESS is inexpensive, stylish, multi-functional and self-adjusting. With the release of Model II and its advanced features, BeHear ACCESS offers an even easier way to be part of the conversation.

What is BeHear ACCESS?
BeHear ACCESS is a sophisticated hearing aid that provides personalized hearing amplification to users who can self-tune in real time. Although it looks like a standard Bluetooth headset, the device is powered by Alango Technologies’ exclusive audio enhancement and customization software, giving users quality hearing aid technology at a fraction of the price. ACCESS belongs to the BeHear range of smart hearing amplifiers, designed to help people with mild to moderately severe hearing loss hear better in face-to-face conversations, mobile and video calls, and when listening to television, music, podcasts, and nature sounds. This already sophisticated product has received an upgrade that has added several new benefits.

Tinnitus affects more than 10% of the population
Continuous or spontaneous ringing, noise or other internal sounds in the ears is a medical condition known as tinnitus. It affects more than 1 in 10 people and in many cases is reported to be disabling. Tinnitus masking therapy is a popular approach to symptom relief. It consists of playing an external sound that perceptually resembles the internal phantom sound, but with a slightly louder volume so that the internal sound is not heard as it is “masked” by external stimuli. Tinnitus sufferers can turn to professionals for help in determining the appropriate masking noise, but this is often a time-consuming and expensive procedure. The new version of BeHear ACCESS supports user adjustment of masking noise, which determines its sharpness, tone and volume to achieve a more accurate result quickly, independently and inexpensively.

Custom amplification directly from headphones
For those who prefer not to use the dedicated BeHear smartphone application, it is now possible to adjust the bass or treble boost (low and high frequencies) in real time, directly from the control buttons on the headphones. This “tone control” is available for all listening modes: live hearing, phone/video calls and streaming music/audio.

Bluetooth 5.0 support
Providing a more stable connection than version 4.2 (used in the previous model), BeHear ACCESS is now easier to pair and supports “over the air” firmware updates to effortlessly introduce new features to existing customers , thanks to Bluetooth version 5.0.

Volume increase
Users who need the full amount of gain provided by BeHear ACCESS (42 dB) will appreciate the new formula, which allows for higher amplification without feedback.

Another important step in the democratization of hearing
“As part of our efforts to improve well-being through cutting-edge technology, we have developed a method that makes the process of choosing the most comfortable tinnitus masking sound as simple and intuitive as possible, allowing sufferers tinnitus to try tinnitus masking therapy without spending a lot of time and money,” says Dr. Alexander Goldin, CEO and Founder of Alango Technologies. “Our devices can also help where hearing aids cannot, due to the limited frequency range of hearing aids, which cannot mask the high pitched sound common to tinnitus.”


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