Ubuntu Core 22: The Secure, Application-Centric IoT Operating System Is Now Available


Canonical announced that Ubuntu Core 22, the fully containerized variant of Ubuntu 22.04 LTS optimized for IoT and edge devices, is now generally available for download.

IoT manufacturers face complex challenges in deploying devices on time and within budget. Providing security and remote management at scale is also challenging as device fleets grow. Ubuntu Core 22 helps manufacturers meet these challenges with an ultra-secure, resilient, low-touch operating system backed by a growing ecosystem of silicon and ODM partners.

“Our goal at Canonical is to provide secure and trusted open source everywhere, from the development environment to the cloud, edge and device,” said Mark Shuttleworth, CEO of Canonical. “With this release and the real-time Ubuntu Core, we are ready to extend the benefits of Ubuntu Core to the entire embedded world.

Support for real-time computing

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS real-time kernel, now available in beta, delivers high performance, ultra-low latency, and workload predictability for time-sensitive industrial, telecom, automotive use cases and robotics.

The new version includes a fully preemptive kernel to ensure time-limited responses. Canonical partners with silicon and hardware manufacturers to enable advanced real-time features out of the box on Ubuntu-certified hardware.

Ubuntu Core 22 is app-centric

Ubuntu Core provides a robust, fully containerized Ubuntu, which breaks down the monolithic Ubuntu image into packages called snaps – comprising the kernel, operating system, and applications. Each snap-in has an isolated sandbox that includes application dependencies, to make it fully portable and reliable. Canonical’s Snapcraft framework enables instant on-rails development for rapid iteration, automated testing, and reliable deployment.

Each device running Ubuntu Core has a dedicated IoT App Store, which provides full control over their device’s apps and can build, publish, and distribute software on a single platform. The IoT App Store offers businesses a sophisticated software management solution, enabling a range of new on-premises features.

The system guarantees critical over-the-air (OTA) kernel, operating system and application updates. incomplete update. Snaps also provide delta updates to minimize network traffic and digital signatures to ensure software integrity and provenance.

Secure and low touch

Ubuntu Core also provides advanced security features out of the box, including secure boot, full disk encryption, secure recovery, and strict OS and application containment.

“KMC Controls’ line of IoT devices is specifically designed for critical industrial environments. Safety is paramount to our customers. We chose Ubuntu Core for its built-in advanced security features and robust over-the-air update framework. Ubuntu Core comes with a 10-year security update commitment, allowing us to secure devices in the field for their long lifespan. With a proven application enablement framework, our development teams can focus on building applications that solve business problems,” said Brad Kehler, COO at KMC Controls.

Customers benefit from Canonical’s 10-year security maintenance for kernel, operating system and application-level code, enabling devices and their applications to meet enterprise and public sector requirements in digital security.

Thriving Partner Ecosystem

Partnerships with leading silicon and hardware partners, including Advantech, Lenovo and many others, have established Ubuntu Core’s presence in the market.

The Ubuntu Certified Hardware program defines a range of off-the-shelf, reliable IoT and edge devices to work with Ubuntu. The program only includes a commitment to continuously test certified hardware in Canonical’s labs with every security update throughout the lifecycle of the device.

“Advantech provides embedded, industrial, IoT and automation solutions. We continue to strengthen our participation in the Ubuntu Certified Hardware Program. Canonical ensures that certified hardware goes through an extensive testing process and delivers a stable, secure, and optimized Ubuntu Core to reduce time to market and development costs for our customers. said Eric Kao, director of Advantech WISE-Edge+.


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