Users will need a Microsoft account to sign in to this version of Windows 11


Microsoft continues to bring new features and tools to users of the Windows operating system. Android applications are now compatible with the platform, which was unthinkable a few years ago. But now some changes have been made which might not appeal to Windows users.

Microsoft now requires you to create a Microsoft account to log into a Windows 11 system. And this change becomes even more important for Windows 11 Pro users as well.

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For years, you could sign in without using or creating a Microsoft account. All you needed was to put in your name and set up a password to log in. But with Windows 11, the requirements have changed and users need to create a Microsoft account to use the machine. Attention, it is free and for single use. But users may still wonder what caused this change, that too after all these years.

The company says that like Windows 11 Home edition, even the Windows 11 Pro version needs internet connectivity during the initial setup of the device.

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After signing up on the device, users will need their Microsoft account to sign in to the system from the next time, the company says.

The new requirement introduced with Windows 11 could be how Microsoft tracks the active user base of devices with its new operating system. And this strategy is similar to how an Apple device requires you to set up an Apple ID, or a Google Chromebook lets you log in using Gmail ID. So in the end, it’s probably fair on Microsoft’s part to ask users to sign in using Microsoft ID on Windows devices.

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Windows 11 itself has a slew of new features, but the company has come under fire for limiting its upgrade compatibility to certain devices. Hopefully Microsoft has a trick up its sleeve to expand the range of upgradeable devices in the future.

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