Wahoo ELEMNT Series Firmware Update Speeds Things Up


Lazily browsing through my YouTube subscriptions this morning, I caught The last (and fast) video of GPLAMAwhich in turn caught a Wahoo firmware update that came out this week, claiming: “Performance improvements and optimizations”. Of course, this wording is found on just about every firmware update by just about every company. So most of us tend to ignore it because it’s almost always there. For the original ELEMNT series unit, this wording is listed in some 13 firmware updates over the years.

But, it turns out this time, they actually mean it. It’s legitimately faster. Like, waaaaay faster. Quickly enough that after watching Lama’s video, I decided to update not one, not two, or three, but all four of my ELEMNT units to see if this was true.

To be clear, this firmware update specifically speeds up page presses, which, in general, on Wahoo bike computers are quite slow. In fact, in my Wahoo ROAM review, I noted: “And the core UI bit rate (how fast it reacts) is much slower than competitors. Much slower”, followed later in the summary by saying “But now – it just seems outdated. The display and slowness of the unit just doesn’t match 2019…”

Good news, ROAM is much faster now than pre-update.

This update applies to *ALL* Wahoo ELEMNT series cycling devices:

Wahoo ELEMNT (original)
Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt (V1)
Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt (V2)

The update took maybe 5-10 minutes in total for each one to download, update and reboot:


The amount of each improved seemed to vary. I would say the ROAM got the biggest improvement in speeds by far. While the BOLT V2 didn’t seem too fast on my device (or in my eyes). If you want to see the differences, Shane’s quick video does that pretty well and matches the simple phone footage I took before/after to compare.

As Shane points out, it will also help accidentally pressing extra buttons when you thought it didn’t register because it didn’t respond quickly enough.

Of course at this point someone is going to ask when my final Wahoo BOLT V2 review is coming out. A fair question. Soon? However, I guess it’s still soon (I actually detailed a much longer answer in the comments section of this not-yet-reviewed post recently). But hey, I have a good ride in a non-flat place coming this week. So either it will succeed or it will fail. Regardless of the case, a final-final review will follow very soon.

With that – go ahead and update your units, you now have a faster bike computer.

Thanks for reading!

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