Want better WiFi for your whole home? This $60 system from startup Vilo provides a strong, consistent signal on the cheap


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A Year at Home has made many of them realize how essential good WiFi is for work, entertainment and more. It also made many of us realize how bad our signal really is.

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Now, a $60 mesh Wi-Fi system from startup Vilo promises a strong, consistent signal in every room of your home. It sounds too good to be true as similar systems can cost up to 10 times more.

Does it deliver? Yes. Keep reading to learn more.

To begin, let me explain what a mesh Wi-Fi system is. It’s basically a WiFi system that uses multiple antennas that you place around your house to get the same signal everywhere. You’ve probably heard me recommend brands like Eero, Google WiFi, and Netgear Orbi. These systems can cost you $150 or more.

Vilo is a Seattle-based startup that now makes a much more affordable system with many of the same features for just $60 – and yes, that gets you a complete 3-pack system.

“We realize there is a market demand for affordable, fast and reliable WiFi systems,” said Jessie Zhou, one of the founders of Vilo.

Setup is the easiest I have ever seen with these systems. Simply use the app to set up the first access point, then plug in the other two access points to different locations in your home.

Devices recognize and group together to create a strong Wi-Fi signal throughout your home.

“We hope to bring this technology to the masses, to the ordinary person who shouldn’t feel intimidated by setting up a mesh router system at home,” Zhou said via our Skype interview.

I installed the Vilo system in my house next to my Eero Pro system for a few weeks to test it. As for speed and coverage, I was very impressed with the Vilo, especially considering the price, which is 10 times LESS than what I paid for my Eero Pro system.

Yes, the Eero Pro was a bit faster, especially in the farthest corners of my house, but not 10x faster.

The Vilo system is super simple to set up and use and includes almost all the great features you need, including wired Ethernet ports on the back, which many other mesh networking systems have given up on.

The app even gives you basic parental controls like the ability to turn off the internet at a certain time or block entire websites. I just wish it let me set a daily time limit for sites, like YouTube.

Vilo says the price is so low because they don’t advertise or sell in retail stores. The only two places you can get the system are on Amazon and through their own website. Keep in mind that you will need to pay around $10 for shipping.

A $60 3-pack covers up to a 4,500 square foot home and lets you connect up to 125 devices. I asked Vilo about privacy and they said it was very important to them.

“We don’t know anything about your search history, browsing history, anything,” Zhou concluded.

Conclusion: Even though we’ve been through the worst of all work and home school, we can still use better WiFi. If you’re still using the box your internet service provider puts under your TV to broadcast your WiFi signal, I’d recommend looking into upgrading to a Vilo system at this price point.


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