What is Tech? How to Get Better WiFi in College


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Most college campuses have a free internet connection. Some have free Wi-Fi.

But think for a second how many students are on these networks at any one time. Video streaming and game usage
extraordinary bandwidth. If your school allows it, consider getting your own Wi-Fi router.

They are affordable at under $100. You should be able to connect it to the ethernet in the dorm. Once connected, you set up your own personal wifi network with a strong password.

This will protect your information. You don’t need a WiFi 6 router, a cheaper WiFi 5 router will be enough for a room, a TV, a phone and a game system.

WiFi 6 routers are mostly needed in homes where many devices are all connected to the internet at the same time.

A subscription to a VPN or virtual private network is essential in dorms and apartments. Install it on every computer and phone to keep your connection private. Forget free VPN apps. Pay a few dollars a month for Express VPN for protection.

Some schools do not allow students to set up their own Wi-Fi network. You should check with the school’s housing department to see if they are allowed.


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