Why Corsair Users Should Install iCUE


If you own any Corsair devices or peripherals, you absolutely must install iCUE. The free program lets you manage, control, and customize your Corsair gear, so you can get the most out of it.

What is iCUE used for?

iCUE is software from Corsair that allows you to manage and control all your Corsair devices, including supported peripherals.

This includes headsets, mice, keyboards, coolers, fans, and RAM. With iCUE, you can customize lighting, set key assignments to remap buttons, create macros, change device settings, update firmware, and monitor your PC’s performance. In short, you have more control over your equipment.

Depending on the device, you might have more options on a newer model. Some will have advanced features that can maximize your gaming experience or boost your productivity. With mice, for example, you can change DPI presets, adjust polling rate, or change pointer speed on the fly.

With lighting effects, there are 11 different presets to choose from. But you can also create custom effects for certain sections of your keyboard. Maybe you still want the arrow and WASD keys to stay red. You can choose the exact colors, the speed at which they change, and the lighting effects to apply, such as wavy or spiral.

Solid red WASD and arrow keys in iCUE

There are equalizer (EQ) presets for your headphones, or you can create your own. Fan and pump speeds are adjustable with an AIO cooler, and there are options to automatically or manually change how they operate at different temperature ranges. Customizing your gear exactly the way you want is not only fun, but also a great way to create an immersive gaming experience. With iCUE, you can do more with your gear in one organized program.

Monitor hardware statistics

Corsair iCUE lets you keep tabs on your system stats, even for non-Corsair branded parts. There are temperature and power readings for your hardware, including graphics cards, CPUs, power supplies, motherboards, and AIO liquid coolers. You’ll see how fast your fans are spinning, in addition to controlling their speed. There are also clock speeds and RAM timings to display.

This information can be useful for diagnosing problems with your PC’s components or to help you optimize your system’s performance. Monitoring how your system is performing while performing certain activities such as gaming or rendering is a great way to find out if your system is bottlenecked in any way. An example is adjusting your Corsair power supply rails under certain GPU loads to improve stability and performance.

Monitor hardware statistics in iCUE

Update your firmware

Firmware updates are important to install as they can fix bugs and improve performance. Corsair iCUE allows you to update the firmware of all your devices at the same time. With just three clicks, you can check for updates on all your devices and install them along with the software. It really is that simple!

You no longer have to worry about checking each device for updates individually. And every time you open iCUE, you’ll see a notification if updates are available. The downside is that iCUE doesn’t update automatically, so you’ll have to open the program occasionally to check for updates.

Click it "Check all devices" button in iCUE to check for all updates at once.

If you are having issues with your current firmware, you can manually roll it back to a previous version. The recovery version must be saved on your computer so that you can load it into the program. Make sure you are only using official firmware provided by Corsair. If you don’t have it on your computer, you may not be able to find previous versions online. So the best thing to do is to ask for one at support team.

Create profiles

Do you share your PC with several people or want to set up profiles for different uses? Maybe you want one profile for gaming and another for work or productivity.

iCUE lets you create and switch between profiles on the fly, and you can rename them however you like. This is handy if you want to use different remapped key sets and other tweaks for gaming and work-related activities. There’s even an import and export feature that lets you save and send your profiles to other people. iCUE users love it share their profile configurations!

Additionally, you can set a macro to quickly switch between profiles. You can also automatically switch to a profile when a specific game or application is launched. How cool is that?

This means you can switch to your League of Legends profile when the game starts, then you can switch back to your professional profile when the game closes. The ability to create profiles and quickly switch between them provides more functionality to all iCUE features.

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