Why is C always the default letter of Windows system drive?


Some of us have laptops and some of us have desktop. But one thing that is common to all Windows computer systems is that the system hard drive that the operating system is installed on is VS.

The Microsoft Windows operating system always uses the letter C by default for the primary hard drive, where all programs are installed. If you have already installed a new Windows operating system, you may have noticed that the default storage location for installing the Windows operating system is hard drive C. However, you can change the installation location.

Why is C the default letter of the Windows system drive?

Have you ever thought about why Microsoft uses C as the default drive letter? Why do we never have hard drive A or B in Windows by default? After all, A and B come before C!

To know the answer, we have to go back in time, when hard drives were not invented. Today we have a lot of storage space on our computer systems and laptops. This is because they come with built-in hard drives. But that was not the case with previous computers. Previous computers did not have built-in storage space. For this reason, they used external storage media to store the program. These storage media were the Floppy disks.

Computer owners used these floppy disks to store their data and run their computer systems. Without floppy disks, earlier computer systems could not function. Since Floppy Disk was the first hard drive to store data and run computer programs, it was named with the letter A and was presented by IBM.

The floppy disk only had 1.44MB of storage capacity. Over time, the technology was upgraded and users were given two slots for floppy disks on their computer systems. This new floppy disk was named with the letter B.

With these A and B floppy disks, users have more storage space on their computer systems. But still, floppy disks were not able to store a huge amount of data. Also, they were not secure as they could be stolen or damaged as they were the external storage medium.

Due to the limitations of floppy disks, hard drives were invented later. The first hard drive offered users more storage space than floppy disks. Since the first hard drive was invented after the two floppy disks A and B, it got its name C. We can summarize it like this:

  • A: First floppy disk.
  • B: Second floppy disk.
  • C: first hard drive.

A question may occur to you: “Can I change the name of hard drive C to A or B?” Well, the answer to that question depends on your computer system. If you don’t have storage space reserved for floppy disks, you can rename any hard drive from A to Z.

You can check this in the “Disk management. “If your computer has space reserved for A and B, it will not display these two letters for renaming a hard drive.

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C the default letter of the Windows system drive


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