WiFi 7 will arrive next year with a speed of 33 gigabytes


More and more users choose to connect their computers to the home or business router via WiFi, even in cases where there is not much distance between the devices and it would be possible to “pull” a cable. This is because WiFi technology has improved a lot over the years, and of course also because of the convenience of not being dependent on a cable. However, this is still far from the connection quality offered by the cable, although WiFi 7 will come and cut it even more.

The most advanced WiFi we have to date, which is WiFi 6, is relatively recent, having only been with us commercially since 2019. This already offers us a fairly significant leap in quality compared to the version previous, and although not all are compatible with this standard, the truth is that there are more and more compatible devices on the market. It is surprising for this very reason that WiFi 7 is so close, since we could start seeing the first teams with him in 2023.

WiFi 7 will be 3 times faster

If we talk about the advantages or novelties that this new WiFi 7 will offer us, the first and most remarkable will be in the increase in its speed. We could also see a revolution in this aspect when WiFi 6 arrived, which actually reaches a maximum speed of around 10 gigabytes. This improvement, already impressive, will be almost “nothing” when WiFi 7 arrives, since with it They will reach speeds of up to 33 gigabytes.

In addition to this substantial improvement, we will also have two more worth considering. The first of these will be an increase in the width of each channel, which with WiFi 7 would become 320 MHz (more precisely dual WiFi 6). This, explained in a simple way, what it will allow is that routers with WiFi 7 technology support more simultaneous connections.

The other great advantage that it will give us will also be very interesting, and that is that the connection with this new WiFi 7 standard it will be much more stable and have less latency. Latency, for example, is very important when playing online or playing games in the cloud, because if we have high latency we may experience continuous cuts that obscure the experience. On the other hand, the stability of the connection will also allow us to enjoy Diffusion of 8K content on our WiFi-connected Smart TVs with no problem.

Although the final draft of this new protocol will not be available until 2024, it seems that Qualcomm company is working hard to develop routers that support WiFi 7. In fact, the company is already giving its hardware customers access to chips compatible with this new standard, so the first compatible devices will almost certainly start arriving in 2023.


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