Windows 11 Keyboard Shortcuts That Will Boost Productivity


Have you ever been too tired to type? This is when you can use the voice input tool built into Windows. You can use the Voice Typing Tool on Windows 11 as a pleasingly accurate dictation tool. The voice typing tool not only improves accessibility but also makes you more productive as most people can usually speak faster than they type.

Whenever you use a program such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs on a Windows 11 computer, you can press the Windows key + H to launch the voice input tool. Currently, the tool supports almost all popular languages ​​including English, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Finnish, Hindi, Japanese, Spanish, etc. The full list of supported languages ​​is available on the Microsoft website.

Once you press Win + H, you will see a small window open. You can directly start voice typing by clicking the microphone icon, or you can change the settings by clicking the gear icon. In Settings, you can enable automatic punctuation or add quick access for voice typing by enabling the voice typing launcher.

While typing, you can also use commands such as “new line” to create new paragraphs. When dictation is complete, you can stop voice typing by simply saying “Stop dictation”. If you just want to pause, just say “Pause dictation”.


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