Windows 11 PowerToy now lets you know which processes are using the file


Microsoft’s PowerToys for Windows 11 and Windows 10 have been updated with a new feature called “File LockSmith”. So what exactly is File Locksmith? In technical terms, it is a Windows shell extension that allows you to check which files are being used and by which processes.

Until today, it was not possible to find out which particular process is using the file in Windows. While Task Manager lets you kill processes, it can’t tell you what’s using your files or preventing file transfers. In fact, File Explorer will block your attempts to delete a file or folder used by a process or application.

I’ve lost count of how many times Windows would stubbornly refuse to delete a file or directory because it was being used by a process, without telling me what fucking process we’re dealing with. Isn’t it absolutely crazy that it’s 2022 and you have to download a shell extension to get this basic functionality?


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