Yamaha AVR firmware update unlocks 4k 120fps HDMI


Yamaha has finally rolled out the long-promised firmware update for its current Aventage AVR line, and it’s mostly good news for gamers.

The 11-channel RX-A8A (top photo), nine-channel RX-A6A and seven-channel RX-A4A have had their HDMI 2.1 specification unlocked, with high frame rate support and wider HDR compatibility.

Firmware version 1.65 supports 8K60/4K120fps and HDR10+ video playback, as favored by Primne Video, as well as Dolby Vision. The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are both HFR-capable, as are PCs with high-quality graphics cards, though PC gamers are unlikely to pair their rigs with home theater AVRs of this caliber.

Updates can be performed over a network or from a USB key.

First announced in May 2021, the RX-A8A is a 150-watt design; the RX-A6A a 150 watt mode and the £1,299 RX-A4A a 110 watt receiver.

The trio features a new streamlined cosmetic design with a center volume knob, high-resolution LCD screen, rotary dial, and touch buttons. which promises more effective dispersion of chassis vibrations.

Codec support covers Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, with height virtualization provided by a new Qualcomm QCS407 Intelligent Audio Platform. The first two models also offer Auro-3D.


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