You are misusing your WiFi router – and it could ruin your internet connection


SLOW home Wi-Fi is a real annoyance and makes streaming a movie or downloading large files an absolute nightmare.

Although the blame can often be placed on your broadband provider, there are several ways to supercharge a slow router.


Moving electronics like lamps and your TV, for example, can do a lot of good, while reducing the amount of microwave use can also improve your connection.

That’s because they can slow down your Wi-Fi by interfering with your router’s signal, according to British watchdog Ofcom.

And those aren’t the only things that threaten to hinder your access to the web.

Fish tanks, heaters, cordless phones, and speakers can all cause internet problems if placed too close to your Wi-Fi router.

Ofcom has released a list of ways to boost your Wi-Fi as part of a government-backed campaign to help people improve their web speeds.

Move or disconnect your lamps and other gadgets

Moving lights, your TV, and other gadgets away from your router can do a world of good.

It’s all about the (harmless) radiation waves used to trigger Wi-Fi in your home.

Your router sends these electromagnetic signals to your devices to connect to the Internet, but they can be interfered with by other signals.

Objects like your refrigerator or lamps emit their own electromagnetic waves that interfere with your Wi-Fi signal.

Put two and two together, and you’ll see why keeping your router away from other electrical devices in your home is a good idea.

Ofcom also suggests disconnecting devices that aren’t in use but are using your Wi-Fi, such as tablets or your smart TV.

“The more devices connected to your Wi-Fi, the lower the speed you get,” he said.

“Devices like tablets and smartphones often run in the background, so try turning off Wi-Fi reception when you’re not using them.”

Take care of your microwave

The microwave oven is one of the biggest offenders of reducing your web speed.

It emits a ton of electromagnetic radiation that can interfere with your router’s signals.

“Did you know that microwave ovens can also reduce Wi-Fi signals?” asks Ofcom.

“So don’t use the microwave when making video calls, watching HD videos, or doing anything important online.”

Use landlines whenever possible

Ofcom suggests ditching mobile for calls and switching to a landline instead.

Indeed, the large number of people working from home has put additional demand on mobile networks.

“If you need to use your mobile, try using your settings to enable Wi-Fi calling,” Ofcom said.

“Similarly, you can make voice calls over the internet using apps like Facetime, Skype or WhatsApp.”

Move your router

Moving your router to a better location is a surefire way to boost your web speed.

Moving it off the floor and onto a table or shelf (about 5-7 feet is best) can help the signal reach farther throughout your home.

This is because your router sends signals in a 360 degree arc, like the shine of a light bulb.

Placing it on the ground therefore sends a signal charge directly into the ground.

Moving it away from other electronics can also help.

It doesn’t need to be too isolated, mind you. About a meter from any other gadget, that should be enough.

Always make sure your router is plugged into the main outlet rather than an extension cable so it works faster.

You can also increase the website loading time by updating the latest internet browser.

Move your aquarium

It may sound crazy, but your aquarium may also be interfering with your router’s signal.

This is because water easily absorbs the radiation sent by your router, leaving a signalless “black hole” around the tank.

Fortunately, your fish won’t be affected, but your conference calls might be.

If your router is near an aquarium, we suggest moving your pets (or the router) somewhere else.

Other Tips

Other tips include:

  • In video calls or meetings, try turning off video and using audio only
  • Rather than starting these calls on the hour or half hour, try making them at less common times.
  • Use an Ethernet cable to connect your computer directly to your router for the best web speeds
  • Try not to use a telephone extension cord if possible, as these can cause interference which could reduce your speed
There are several ways to supercharge a slow router


There are several ways to supercharge a slow routerCredit: Getty – Contributor

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