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Due to customer backlash, Microsoft now lets you install Windows 11 on “unsupported” PCs that don’t meet the OS’s confusing hardware requirements. But running Windows 11 on an “unsupported” machine has several downsides, including a lack of automatic updates. And now your “unsupported” machine could shame you into running Windows 11.

As reported by Latest version of WindowsMicrosoft is testing a new “Requirements Not Met” alert in Insider Preview Build 22557. This watermark appears above your taskbar clock, much like the “Windows is not activated” warning that you encounter when using unlicensed Windows.

the "System requirements not met" warning on an unsupported Windows 11 PC.
Latest version of Windows

This watermark could be useful, as it can remind users that their “unsupported” PC will not receive important security updates. Of course, with all the hurdles you have to jump through to get Windows 11 on an older PC, I don’t know why anyone would need a booster.

Well, maybe I can think of a reason. Microsoft broke its own rules late last year, sending an update to “unsupported” Windows 11 computers. The company may continue to sporadically push updates to older Windows 11 machines in the future, as it’s the only way to protect some customers from viruses and exploits.

Microsoft may include this warning in stable versions of Windows 11. At the time of writing, it only appears on some Unsupported PC running Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22557.

Source: Latest Windows


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